Doomsday Prepper Holiday

The Texas Legislature recently enacted a new sales tax holiday for emergency preparedness supplies. See Tex. Tax Code § 151.3565 (effective 2016). This year, the holiday falls on the weekend of April 23, 2016. From Saturday to Monday, you can purchase many emergency supplies without paying sales tax.

This sales tax exemption covers many handy items, including: emergency rescue ladders, portable generators, storm protection devices, artificial ice or coolers, flashlights, gas containers, batteries, battery chargers for phones, portable radios, fire extinguishers, nonelectric can openers, first aid kits, and hatchets or axes. Some items are subject to caps on the purchase price.

Whether you’re doomsday prepping or just stocking up for a camping trip, the new sales tax holiday is an excellent time to shop ‘til you drop.