All Webcast courses are sponsored by the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants.

Strategies in Handling and Challenging Texas Audits


Join Gordon Martens, JD for a look at strategies in handling and challenging audits. Texas tax assessments can financially destroy viable businesses. Therefore, skillful representation and advice is crucial to minimizing audit assessments. This course discusses strategies for successfully representing clients facing Texas tax audits. First, we discuss how to address the pre-audit phase and analyze the initial reconciliations and controls auditors will perform. Second, we discuss techniques to apply during the audit itself, including tips on how to manage the on-site visit and to communicate with auditors. The course’s third phase addresses how best to challenge an adverse tax assessment. Finally, we discuss the mechanics of the oral hearing process and strategies that tax professionals and businesses employ to increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome.

Sales and Use Tax for the Construction Industry


Join Jimmy Martens, CPA, JD for a construction industry specific sales and use tax course. Items covered include sales and use tax generally, TERP, motor fuels tax, and motor vehicles sales tax, specifically for construction equipment. Additionally, Mr. Martens covers incorporated materials, consumables, equipment, real property services, insurance, and repairs to both commercial and personal property.

Sales and Use Tax for the Oilfield Services Industry


Join Allison Cunningham, JD for an industry specific look at Texas sales tax. This program contains information specific for the oil and gas industry such as well servicing tax, severance tax, franchise tax, motor fuels tax, and motor vehicles sales tax. If you have questions about equipment classification, types of leases, mixed services, or similar items, this is the course for you!

Sales and Use Tax for the High-Tech Industry

  • Join Jimmy Martens, CPA, JD for a discussion of tax issues in Texas with a particular focus on the high-tech industry. This course covers what you need to know about qualified research, internet sales, economic development agreements, and many other aspects of the technology industry. Mr. Martens also includes several court case examples that provide insights into the operator lease spectrum and deciding whether a particular item is a lease or a service. If you have questions about the tax impacts of sales vs licensing, qualified large data center exemptions, software modifications, and colocation services -- this is the course for you.